Alumina Jars

Alumina jars designed for use in rapid mills
Grinding load to bo ordered a part and composed of balls made of 90% alubit
Three different standard capacities 0,3 -1 – 1,5 lt

• Specific weight: 3.54 g/cm3
• Mohs hardness: 9
• Rockwell hardness: 45N 77 Hr
• Color: White
• Water absorption: zero

• Supplied with cover lid and gasket
• The grinding charge must be ordered as accessories

Code Model Dry product Weight
GT0534 JAR GT-300 150 gr 1,1 Kg
GT0535 JAR GT-1000 500 gr 2,2 kg
GT0536 JAR GT-1500 750 gr 3,8 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0528 Grinding load (250 g) for 0,3 lt jar Open image
GT0529 Grinding load (800 g) for 1 lt jar Open image
GT0530 Grinding load (1100 g) for 1,5 lt jar Open image
GT0531 Alubit balls Ø 13 mm (qty 1 kg) Open image
GT0532 Alubit balls Ø 19 mm (qty 1 kg) Open image
GT0533 Alubit balls Ø 25,4 mm (qty 1 kg) Open image

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