Modular, rapid mill instrument designed for milling of various materials in the ceramic and painting industry, in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries, research laboratory, schools, etc. The milling time is regulated by touch.Thanks to the elevated centrifugal forces of the REV-24 it can obtain on extraordinary grinding effect.
The grinding time of each a station can be programmed separately.
The mill may have 4 different grinding times of the jars.

• Mill capacity: Jar of 0,3 -1-1,5 lt
• Supply: 230 V-50 Hz single-phase (other voltage on request)
• Touch Screen
• Short milling time
• Can be programmed for changing the rotating direction
• Easy moving by hand of jar container for charging/discharging
• Safe micro switch of cover closing
• Grinding with fast mills jars
• The “Rev” works with balanced jars
• Jars containens with closing cover
• Rotating direction of setting an be programmed for executing before the end of programmed time

The instrument is supply without jar and grinding ordered separately

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1488 MILL REV-24 850x760x1150 mm 1,5 kW 220 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0532 Alubit balls Ø 19 mm (qty 1 kg)
GT0533 Alubit balls Ø 25,4 mm (qty 1 kg)
GT0534 Jar 0,3 lt with cover
GT0535 Jar 1 lt with cover
GT0536 Jar 1,5 lt with cover
GT0528 Grinding load (250 g) for 0,3 lt jar Open image
GT0529 Grinding load (800 g) for 1 lt jar Open image
GT0530 Grinding load (1100 g) for 1,5 lt jar Open image
GT0531 Alubit balls Ø 13 mm (qty 1 kg) Open image

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