Box Isovision-Abralux Astm-Iso

The ISOVISION instrument is especially made to check the level of abrasion on glazed ceramic tiles. The inside of the instrument ispainted in “neutral grey” as requested to the standards. To do the test, place the ISOVISION instrument in a dark room, and put inside at center the abraded tile of 100×100 mm surrounded by 8 tiles with the same dimension but not abraded. Write on the marked face the r.p.m. corresponding to the abrasion made. Observing the tile specimen from a distance of 2 m and an high of 1,65 m it is possible to see the difference between the tile abrased and the other tiles not abraded. To ensure that the test is true, the consensus of at least three observers is required.

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT0115 BOX ISOVISION 610x610x610 mm 18 W 35 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0116 Digital luxmeter range 0 ÷ 1.000 lx Open image
GT0117 Calibration Report by ACCREDIA for dgital Luxmeter
GT1540 Fluorescent lamp Open image

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