Abrasimeter Iso

Laboratory instrument to determine the resistance to abrasion on glazing tiles. The instruments are calirated according to the UNI EN ISO 10545-7. Other calibration on demand. The test specimen is locked by means by a rubber surface according to a standard, insert into a special support containing an abrasive load composed by stainless steel balls, distilled water, and corundum grain size F80 on a rotating and swinging plate standard defined.

• Steel structure powder epoxy painted
• Plexiglass safety protection
• Speed rotating defined and calibrated at 300 r.p.m
• Supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz single phase (other voltage on request)
• Electronic control r.p.m

• Float Glass calibration plate 100x100x6 mm
• ISO Set abrasive charges supplied with steels balls and corundum

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1635 ABRASIMETER ISO 3 490x800x445 mm 0.4 kW 58 Kg
GT0100 ABRASIMETER ISO 4 490x800x445 mm 0.4 kW 60 Kg
GT0989 ABRASIMETER ISO 8 660x800x1080 mm 0.4 kW 135 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0101 Abrasive ISO load complete by steels balls and corundum
GT0102 Calibration plate in Float Glass 100x100x6 mm
GT0103 Instrument to identify the right side of Float Glass
GT0104 Lot 5 kg corundum (aluminium fused oxide) white, grain F80
GT0105 Stainless steel balls AISI 420 Ø 1 mm - lot by 100 g
GT0106 Stainless steel balls AISI 420 Ø 2 (1,97) mm - lot by 500 g
GT0107 Stainless steel balls AISI 420 Ø 3 (3,18) mm - lot by 500 g
GT0108 Stainless steel balls AISI 420 Ø 5 (4,76) mm - lot by 1 kg
GT0988 Rubber gasket for balls holder
GT1119 MCC abrasive load
GT1345 Kit UNE 138001 N°1 Station

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