Climatic Cell Astm

Instrument for frost test resistance on ceramic tiles and similar products according to the standard ASTM C1026-13 (reapproved 2018)


• climatic chamber to perform the thermal cycle [-3 °c / + 5 °c] according to the standard ASTM C 1026-13
• test chamber that contain a support for the batch of 11 samples
• water’s thermocouple able to indicate the temperature of the water and ice according to the ASTM C1026-13 standard.
• water spraying dedicated system
• water supply pump of the spraying system
• water container with heating resistance and thermocouple that control the temperature.
• dedicated cooling system
• electrical panel with touchscreen for checking the thermal cycle
• electronic control system for monitoring the thermal cycle trend and its storage
• the cycle can be downloaded on USB stick
• Supply 220V – 50 Hz

Code Model Internal dimensions Power Weight
GT2254 FROST TEST ASTM 1250x680x1130 mm 1,5kW 220 Kg
Code Description Image

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