Instrument for measuring the density of a solid as a result of the ratio between the weight of the sample in the air and its hydrostatic thrust when it is immersed in a liquid. The measuring device includes a scale able to carry out the weight in the air, a base with a tank that contains the liquid for the measurement of the hydrostatic thrust and a mechanism that allows the rising and lowering of the tank. The execution of the test is completed by carrying out two simple operations the weight in air and the immersion of the specimen. On the control panel by means of an up / down selector, the operator immerses the specimen in the tank. The density calculation is automatic and is displayed on the large display. The result can be printed on the printer on the densimeter.

• Steel structure painted with epoxy powders
• Bubble level integrated into the instrument
• Hydrostatic balance for carrying out the weight in air and in the liquid
• Calibration of the balance by a weight of 200gr
• Mechanism for immersion and automatic extraction of the specimen from the tank
• Acquisition of values and automatic calculation of apparent density
• Printer on board for printing the result data output on PC
• Data output on PC
• Power supply: 230 V single-phase 50 Hz
• Overall dimensions: 475x475x590 mm
• Net weight: About 50 kg

• Pack of 5 lt. of liquid
• 500gr weight certificate (for the balance calibration)
• Stainless pycnometer (for determining the specific weight of the liquid)

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT2144 DENSIMETER 475x475x590 mm 100 W 50 kg
Code Description Image
GT2159 5 Lt LSGL liquid for Densimeter Open image
GT2160 200 Gr certified weight Open image

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