Densimeter Apparent Porosity

Used for specific gravity determination of tiles, concrete, aggregates, natural stone etc. To be used with a suitable electronic balance fitted with an under – hook facility. Robust steel frame made epoxy painted , it incorporates on its lower part a platform adjustable in height, holding a water container, and allowing the specific gravity test

• Steel frame epoxy painted
• Digital balance 6200 g. – Resolution 0,01 g.
• Cradle to test a single sample at a time for ceramic tiles 200×200 mm max
• Plastic tank 370x370x330 mm
• Height adjustable platform

• Digital balance 6200 g. – Resolution 0,01 g
• Plastic tank 370x370x330 mm

Code Model External dimensions Weight
GT2348 GRAVITY DENSITY METER 500x500x1200 mm 50 kg
Code Description Image
GT2349 Stainless steel basket for concrete cubes, cylindrical specimens, natural stone, etc.

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