Laboratory instrument to establishing the water absorption under vacuum of ceramic tiles with automatic cycles. Vacuum test takes place as follows: lay the tiles onto a suitable grid into the tank; switch on the vacuum pump. By doing so it shall be possible to determine the apparent porosity, the apparent relative density and the absorption of water.
The instruments was tested to do ISO and ASTM STANDARD.
WORKS DEPRESSIONS (0 ÷980 – mbar).

• Vacuum pump for tests UNI EN ISO, ASTM and GOST.
• Selection for 2 water level by means of electronic sensor.
• Working cycles: ISO, ASTM and GOST.
• Supply: 230 V – 50 Hz single phase (other voltage on request).
• Time varation of the phase (other voltage on request).

• Holder tiles basket all made stainless steel AISI-304.
• Bottle of special oil for pump 500 cc.


Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1608 ISOVACUUM 650 950x500x1000 mm 0,5 kW 130 Kg
GT1356 ISOVACUUM 800 1180x580x1150 mm 0,5 kW 150 Kg
GT1685 ISOVACUUM 950 1380x580x9950 mm 0,5 kW 240 Kg
GT1484 ISOVACUUM 650x1250 1500x580x9500 mm 0,8 kW 280 Kg
Code Description Image
GT2123 Microfiber Cloth 40x40 cm
GT1767 Vacuum pump Open image
GT1324 Bottle 500 cc special oil for pump Open image
GT0971 Plastic tank for demineralized water 500 Lt. (Model 800, 950, and 1250) Open image
GT1471 Plastic tank for demineralized water 300 Lt (Model 650) Open image

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