Isovacuum Pro

The instrument performs the a.b. tests and in addition also for the latest forthcoming standard 10545-3 (2018) for cut tiles 20×20 cms. All the cycles are pre-programmed and the operator can easily select them or modify the existing ones or programming new ones. The colour touch screen presents an easy interface that allows to enter a lot of informations. The instruments are tested and calibrated according to the UNI EN ISO 10545-3:2018 others standard on demand.


• Touch-screen con visualizzazione del ciclo di lavoro
• Friendly and easy use of the instrument by means of the touchscreen that allows controlling the working cycle parameters and display of the cycle trend
• Display of the working cycle trend
• Saving time of working cycle duration
• Vertical tank with different levels steel basket
• Pump for water discharge
• Absolute pressure sensor
• Reaching the pressure of pa ± -4 hPa on demand +/1KPa. Other depressions on request
• Keeping the pressure of ± 1kPa
• Water filling level
• Control of the warning water level
• Nr.10 programmable working cycles
• Data logger of the cycle
• Exporting data by USB (pen drive)
• Ethernet output predisposition
• Possibility of calibrating the instrument by means of calibrated gauge
• Alarms setting
• Predicted maintenance
• Power supply: 230V-50 Hz single phase (other voltages on request)

• Bottle of special oil for pump 500 cc

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1917 ISOVACUUM 650x1250 PRO 1900x580x1140mm 0,5 kW 280Kg
GT1918 ISOVACUUM 950 PRO 1580x580x1300 mm 0,5 kW 240 Kg
GT1916 ISOVACUUM 800 PRO 1330x580x1150 mm 0,5 kW 150 kg
GT1915 ISOVACUUM 650 PRO 1280x580x1140 mm 0,5 kW 130 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0971 Plastic tank for demineralized water 500 Lt. (Model 800, 950, and 1250) Open image
GT1471 Plastic tank for demineralized water 300 Lt (Model 650) Open image
GT1683 Vacuum pump Open image
GT1684 Bottle 500 cc special oil for pump Open image
GT2088 ACCREDIA reference Vacuometer Open image

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