Dilatometer For Natural Stone

The test consists in placing the test specimen of dimensions of about 250x50x20 mm in a cell with temperature control (gradient 0.2°C / min) to perform the thermal cycle required. Is measured manually with a mechanical measuring system (accuracy 1/1000 of the length to be measured) at 20°C and 80°C (if necessary every 20°C).

• Nr. 1 mechanical system measuring to point out the distance variation between the two cylinders ( K=13,5×10 ¯ 6 at 20°C and 80° C) if necessary every 20°C
• Nr. 1 quipment for the positioning and attachment of the cylinder on the sample
• Nr. 20 cylinders of reference to be glued on the specimen
• Nr. 1 2-channel digital thermometer with thermocouple K
• Nr. 2 thermocouple type K
• Nr. 1 kit of epoxy glue

Code Model Internal dimensions External dimensions Weight
GT1170 DILA NATURAL STONE 450x400x450 mm 845x610x675 mm 6 kg
Code Description Image
GT0428 Stove STV 60 forced air
GT1192 Steel rod Ø20 x 35 mm for glue on stone sample
GT1193 Thermocouple type K Ø6 x 50 mm

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