Laboratory instrument to determine the amount of water absorption on tiles which have undergone boiling and cooling. The result is a % difference between the dry weight and the weight after the test.

• All made stainless steel AISI-304
• Heating water by means electric heater
• Cooling water by stainless steel AISI-304 circulation coil
• Control board with digital programmable thermo regulator
• Timer for boiling and cooling cycle and delay start of the working cycle
• Supply: 400 V- 50/60 Hz three-phase

• Holder tiles basket all made stainless steel AISI-304
• Chamois leather

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1485 ISOWATER 650x1250 1850x500x1100 mm 12 kW 150 Kg
GT1686 ISOWATER 950 1550x500x1350 mm 12 kW 150 Kg
GT1355 ISOWATER 800 1360x500x1180 mm 9 kW 130 Kg
GT1478 ISOWATER 650 1160x500x900 mm 6 kW 115 Kg
Code Description Image
GT1494 Electric heating for ISOWATER 650 Open image
GT1512 Electric heating for ISOWATER 650 x 1250 Open image
GT1396 Electric heating for ISOWATER 800 Open image
GT0148 Solid static relaise (SSR) Open image
GT1441 Termoregulator Open image
GT1442 Solenoid valve Open image
GT1443 Digital electronic timer Open image

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