Ultrasonic Cleaning

High power ultrasonic cleaning of test sieves, stainless steel grinding balls, jars and alumina balls charge, glass and ceramic instruments, etc.

• Frequency: 40 o 59 Khz
• Power adjustment: 40 ÷100 %
• Heating: 20 ÷ 80 °C
• Digital Timer: 1÷199 or 00
• Auto-alarm function and cut-off it the boiling temperature is reached
• Digital water temperature indication
• Supply: 230 / 50 hz. single-phase

Code Model Capacity ISO 3310 External dimensions External dimensions of the tank Capacity Power Weight
GT1375 CLEANER UC-22 22,5 Lt UC-22 Ø 510x320x310 mm Ø 500x300x150 mm 22,5 Lt 0,65 kW 12,7 kg
GT1374 CLEANER UC-15 15Lt UC-15 Ø 350x320x300 mm Ø 300x240x150 mm 15Lt 0,35 kW 9,4 Kg
GT1373 CLEANER UC-10 10Lt UC-10 Ø 320x260x290 mm Ø 300x240x150 mm 10Lt 0,25 kW 6,9 kg
Code Description Image
GT0227 Stainless steel cover UC-10
GT0228 Stainless steel cover UC-15
GT0241 Stainless steel cover UC-22
GT0243 Stainless steel basket UC-10
GT0244 Stainless steel basket UC-15
GT0245 Stainless steel basket UC-22
GT0527 5 Liter bottle of ultrasonic standard cleaning liquid,10% solution

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