Set of Nr.7 Standard Sieves Ø 200 MM

Stainless steel sieves Ø 200mm x 50mm to determine the granulometry of a product by wet or dry sieving. Each sieve is marked with a serial number to ensure the traceability and delivered with a certificate of Conformity.

• All stainless steel made
• Cloth lock at high pression
• Useful height 50 mm

GT0463 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 63 μm
GT0469 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 125 μm
GT0472 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 180 μm
GT0475 – Sieve Ø 200 μ 250 μm
GT0476 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 300 μm
GT0481 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 425 μm
GT0483 – Sieve Ø 200 mm 600 μm

Code Model OPENING FROM / TO External dimensions Weight
GT0452 SERIES N.7 STANDARD SIEVES Ø 200 MM 0,063 ÷ 0,600 μm Ø 200 x 390 mm 2800 gr
Code Description Image
GT0453 Pan and cover for dry test Open image
GT0454 Pan and cover for wet test Open image

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