Abrasimeter Deep Stone

Laboratory instrument to determine the resistance to deep abrasion in cement, concrete and natural stone obtained by means a steel disc Ø 200 x 70 mm and abrasive material as corundum grain size F80 – that during the test falls between the disc and the specimen.
The instrument is calibrated according to the above references standards.

• Steel structure powder epoxy painted
• Plexiglas safety protection
• Control flow abrasive outlet: Mase according to the standard
• Steel disc Ø 200 x 70 mm
• Hardness disc made according to the standard
• Supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz single phase (other voltage on request)
• Electronic counter
• Maximum size of the specimen: 180x180x80 mm
• Ready for connection to a vacuum cleaner


• Calibration plate MCS secondary 115x115x50 mm
• 5 kg Corundum (aluminium fused oxide) white, grain size F80

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT0112 ABRASIMETER DEEP STONE 560x620x1000 mm 0.5 kW 80 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0114 Steel disc Ø 200 x 70 mm Open image
GT0122 Conversion kit from DEEP STONE to DEEP UNGLAZED Open image
GT0343 Digital caliper DC-150 (lenght 150 mm) Open image
GT1316 Kit for variation in number of revolutions
GT1367 Pack of 25 kg Corundum (aluminium fused oxide) white, grain size F80 Open image
GT1879 MCS Secondary Calibration plate 115x115x50 mm Open image

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