Gradient Kiln Gks-6

Gradient kiln equipped with 6 programmable muffles up to 1300°C. Thanks to the dedicated software the unit allows for the programming of the firing of the 6 chambers as master/slave or stand alone. Each chambers are equipped with single temperature controller which can be operated:
1 . In remote connection with PC
2 . In local mode enabling the performing and the control of a simple thermal working cycle

• This kiln represents the ultimate compromise between the fast time firing and the operational lasting of the heating body and thermal insulation
• Insulation with ceramic fibers
• Quick and easy replacement of the resistance
• Temperature controller to each chamber
• Switching off of the heating on opening the door
• Working cycle controlled by dedicated software with relevant recording of the tests and printing of the cycle performed
• Max working temperature: 1300 °C
• Supply: 400 V- 50/60 Hz three phases + neutral (other voltage on demand)
• Testable specimens: round

• Dedicated working kiln PC software

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT2092 KILN GKS-6 1250x650x710 mm 8,5 kW 200 Kg
Code Description Image

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