Roulage Mazaud

The instrument is compose by:
– Support plate of sample perpendicular to the load support axis that
rotates in a orizontal plane to a 93 ± 2 RPM speed throught a
electrical engine
– Vertical axis perpendicular to the support plate where it’s fixed
the wheel. The wheel supported a group load applied according to
the standard patent pending N°202018000004419
– A wheel holder group that allows the wheel to rotate and oscillate freely with integrated air copressed cooling system PATENT N°0000283275
– Fast replacement of the tile test with automatic lifting of the weight
– A manual regolation of the suction flow with complete system for air speed measuring made of pitot tube and micromanometer.
– Suction system with absolute filter
– Compressed air circuit for cooling of the wheel abrasion with adjustable pressure and flow
– Shafety sensor wheel
– A counter permit to stop, after 22320 revolutions (about 4 hours or 14.000 mt)
– The controls are accessed by means of a user-friendly touch screenpanel
– A wheel of austentic steel, type: 18-10, x5 CrNi 18-10 or AISI 304 with following charateristics:
– Diameter: 50 mm (0 ; ÷ 1 mm)
– Width: 25 mm (0 ; ÷ 1 mm)
– Rugosity: 0,4 ≤ Ra ≤ 0,8
– Planarity: N ± 50 micron

• Suction System
• Optical minipirometer to control temperature of the wheel
• Hot wire anemometer
• Cooling system of the wheel
• 5 wheels with 2 bearings

Code Model Compressed air External dimensions Power Voltage Weight
GT2085 ROULAZE MAZAUD 7 Bar 1200x970x1900 mm 1,5 kW 400 V-50 Hz Trifase 650 Kg
Code Description Image
GT2106 Kit of 10 wheels with 2 bearings Open image
GT1723 Vacuum Cleaner complete with filters Open image
GT2069 Kit Filters vacuum cleaner - Roulage Mazaud Open image
GT2102 Hot wire anemometer Open image

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