Crometro CRC Automatic

Automatic instrument with drive electromechanical attuator operation for the determination of the flexural tensile strenght of the unfired (green) ceramic tiles, size from 100×100 mm up to 650×650 mm. Its natural application is for the quality and production controls immediately at the pressing or at the dryer exit.

• Electronic display 5 digit
• Recording of the breaking value
• Automatic calculation of the breaking modulus
• Central opening for the falling of the broken pieces
• Size from 100×100 mm up to 650 x 650 mm easily adjustable
• Max. load: 60 kg
• Accuracy: 10 g
• Supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz single phase
• Maximum load applied displayed kg or daN
• Approach speed programmable
• Programmable load applied
• RS 232 serial port

• Load Cell of 60 Kg

Code Model Tile format Maximum force applied Power Weight
GT1424 CROMETRO CRC AUTOMATIC 100x100 mm ÷650x650 mm 60 Kg 100 W 60 Kg
Code Description Image
GT1418 Load cell of 60 kg Open image
GT1527 Actuator Open image
GT1467 Minidin Electronic Microprocessor Open image

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