Flexi 150

Instrument for the determination of max load permitted and modulus of rupture and breaking strength on the unfired tiles and gypsum plasterboards, etc. The automated instrument, consisting of a base housing the floating and adjustable supports to the sample. The upper knife-with electronic adjustable speed-shall come down to press the sample till breakage. At the test end it shows on the display the max breaking value.The instrument is produced and calibrated to perform with the UNI EN ISO 10545-4.
Other standards on request.

• Max load applicable: 150 kg
• Max applied load is shown in kg
• Electro-mechanical operation
• Adjustable speed load applied
• Automatic calculation modulus of rupture
• Serial port RS-232 USB for PC
• Internal printer
• Supply: 230V – 50/60 Hz single phase (other voltage on request)
• Approach speed programmable

Code Model Tile format External dimensions Maximum force applied Power Weight
GT1922 FLEXI 150 - 650 100x100 ÷ 650x650 mm 800x700x850 mm 150 Kg 50 W 45 Kg
GT1923 FLEXI 150 - 950 100x100÷950x950 mm 1110x1020x740 mm 150 Kg 50 W 70 Kg
GT1924 FLEXI 150 - 1250 100x100÷1250x1250 mm 1410x1320x740 mm 150 Kg 50 W 100 Kg
Code Description Image
GT1925 Calibration report by ACCREDIA for load cell 150 Kg Open image
GT1926 Load cell for tests on unfired up to 150 Kg Open image
GT1527 Actuator Open image
GT0276 Kit for test according to DIN 51030 standard Open image
GT1168 Packing of 20 thermal paper rolls for data processor (CM 400) Open image
GT1467 Minidin Electronic Microprocessor Open image
GT1546 Touch screen with support Open image
GT1701 Kit FIRE 50 for sizes from 18 to 48 mm Open image
GT1702 Kit FIRE 100 for sizes from 48 to 95 mm Open image
GT0259 Software XY strength tester with connection cable RS-232 USB for PC
GT1532 Touch screen Open image

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