Slipperiness Dynamic Slip BCRA

Instrument to determine the dynamic coefficient of friction COF manufacturer according to BCRA method. The instrument is a vehicle with 4 wheels composed by an aluminium chassis and a steel epoxi painted cover. A gear motor propelled by a battery Li-ION muve two wheels at 17 mm/s. The COF measure is acquired during the movement of the instrument by a slider Ø 9 mm (Four-S rubber or leather) in contact with testing surface. The vibration of the slider is transmitted to an LVDT sensor. The LVDT sensor converts the mechanical signal in a proportional electronic signal. The signal processed by an A/D microprocessor shows the medium coefficient of friction COF. At the test end the display LCD shows the medium value of COF obtained; it can be printed the diagram by on board printer.The instrument is supplied by software running in Windows XP/Vista 8/10 and RS-232 output to connect a PC.
Possibility to memorize up to 40 tests

• Electronic transducer LVDT with sensitivity of 800 mV/V/mm and accuracy of 0,3 %
• Software Data Collection
• Output RS – 232 to connection PC
• Electronic system with display for the instant read and average slipperiness (COF)
• Thermal printer for test report
• Programmable integration time from 1 up to 15 sec
• Supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Adapter RS232-VSB

• Nr. 3 Slider with leather
• Nr. 3 Slider with rubber (4S) Four-S
• Battery charger 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT0809 DYNAMIC SLIP BCRA 450x370x190 mm 30 W 13,5 kg
Code Description Image
GT0816 Slider with rubber (4S) Four-S Open image
GT0817 Slider with leather Open image
GT1168 Packing of 20 thermal paper rolls for data processor (CM 400) Open image

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