Slipperiness Platform DIN EN 16165

Instrument for determining the dynamic critical angle according to DIN EN 16165: 2021 Annex A / Annex B consisting of a painted steel structure, stainless steel tilting surface to support a test panel with maximum dimensions max 60×120 cm. The operator with the seat belt on walks back and forth on the platform which gradually tilts with a speed of 1 ° per second. The movement is stopped by the operator when a sliding angle is reached. The test is carried out several times near the angle found with a movement in steps of 0.5 ° to find the exact value of the critical angle.

• Tilt movement by electromechanical actuator
• Platform with width 600 mm and length 2000 mm
• Hanging push-button panel with 3 up-down-start water validation angle
• Inclinometer with accuracy ± 0.2 °
• Continuous gradient motion
• Angle executable from the platform 0 ÷ 45 °
• Platform rigidity during walking not greater than ± 0.5 ° degrees
• Metronome with 144 pulses / 1 ‘
• Direction adjustable spray nozzles
• Adjustable flowmeter 6 ± 1 liter / min
• Safety tools for the operator: barriers on both sides, rope, safety belt
• Collection tank for aqueous solution
• Control box
• Touch screen interface
• RJ45 connection to the company network
• USB key connection
• VNC connection (interactive touch screen repetition on a PC connected to
the company network)
• Connection for remote assistance
• Download test data on a PC connected to the company network
• Data recorded on usb-key

• Hanging push-button panel
• FP CEN 35 harness rope
• K4 CEEN 385 seat belt
• Service ladder

GT2502 Bare feet test kit DIN EN 16165 Annex A excluded and to be ordered separately

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT2504 SLIPPERINESS PLATFORM DIN EN 16165 2520x1310x3500 mm 0,35 Kw 400 kg
Code Description Image
GT2422 Calibration panels St-A / St-B / St-C according to EN 16165 Annex A Open image
GT2342 Safety Harness Open image
GT2502 Bare foot test kit for DIN EN 16165 Annex A Open image
GT2503 Pair of shoes n ° 42 according to EN 16165 Annex B Open image
GT2501 Calibration panels St-I / St-II / St-III A according to EN 16165 Annex B Open image
GT2340 Water recirculation pump Open image
GT2341 Actuator Open image

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