Flexi 3000 – 1250 raised access floors

Instrument for determining the max load and modulus of rupture M.O.R. and bending for standard tiles and raised floor tiles. The semiautomatic instrument consists of a steel base where there are oscillating supports (knives) adjustable in width on which the specimen is positioned.

For the test on raised floor tiles, three kits are supplied to perform the tests according to EN 12825 part 5.2, 5.3, 5.4.

For the test according to ISO 10545-4, the upper knife (with electronically adjustable speed as required by the standards) descends until it touches the specimen and then applies a force that compresses it until it breaks. Change up to 2 cells with automatic recognition.

• Standard test tile sizes: from 100 × 100 to 1250 × 1250 mm
• Tile formats for raised floors: rectangular formats 1200 × 400 mm, square formats 800 × 800 mm
• Change of up to 2 load cells with automatic recognition
• Max applicable load 3000 Kg
• Resolution on the display: 100 g
• Max applied load displayed in Kg or dN
• Electromechanical drive
• Programmable approach speed
• Applied load programmable to perform the test as required by the regulations
• Automatic calculation S and δ
• Plexiglass protection with safety micro
• Software for recording the test, time-force graph, archiving of the tests performed
• Power supply: 230 V – 50 – 60Hz single phase (other voltages on request)
• Flexi Mov: Positioning of supports with handwheel

• 3000 kg load cell with knife
• Software and RS-232 / USB connection cable for PC
• test kit in the center of the weaker side of the panel
• test kit in the center of the raised panel
• test kit for diagonal tests 70 mm from the edge of the panel

Code Model Tile format External dimensions Maximum force applied Power Weight
GT2226 FLEXI EN 12825 100x100 ÷ 1250x1250 mm 1930x2200x1300 mm 3000 Kg 0,4 kW 700 Kg
Code Description Image
GT1467 Minidin Electronic Microprocessor Open image
GT1532 Touch screen Open image
GT1705 Calibration report box by ACCREDIA for 3000 Kg Open image
GT1706 Calibration report by ACCREDIA for load cell 3000 Kg Open image

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